World Chocolate Day

7th July is one of the sweetest days of the year. Why? Because it’s World Chocolate Day! It’s a great excuse to eat chocolate (as if we need one!) and the perfect chance to create some chocolatey-baked treats for your family and friends!

Chocolate is arguably one of the world’s favourite sweet treats, with around 660,900 tonnes of chocolate consumed per year in Britain alone! With so much variety to choose from, it’s no wonder that some of us find it hard to resist heading down the chocolate aisle during your weekly shop.

Today is the perfect time to give into your cravings and treat yourself - head to your nearest Costcutter to pick up your favourite chocolate indulgence. After all, it’s World Chocolate Day!


There are so many types of chocolate to choose from – white, milk and dark are at the core, but there are also so many delicious (and weird!) twists.

For example, it’s becoming increasingly popular to buy chocolate mixed with flavourings of chilli, sea salt, ginger, lavender and banana to name a few. On the wackier side of things, you can now buy chocolate flavoured with bacon, curry, matcha green tea and even cheese!

Good quality chocolate could have health benefits too – apparently it can contribute to improved circulation, is rich in minerals and can improve your brain function. Not to mention the feel-good factor! However, it’s worth mentioning this is just speculation and not 100% confirmed, so remember - everything in moderation!


If you’re looking for inspiration ahead of World Chocolate Day, look no further – our chocolate recipes will keep even the biggest chocaholic satisfied!

Indulgent Chocolate Mousse

Disaronno Chocolate Milkshake

Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes

Chocolate Meringue Pie

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Crème Egg Brownies

A “Bronkie” (half choc chip cookie, half chocolate brownie!)

Malteser Cheesecake

Go on – pick your favourite chocolate snack and enjoy World Chocolate Day in style. Costcutter has plenty of treats on offer in store to choose from, so go and indulge today!