Put a Pie on Your Plate!

Wrapped in pastry or topped with potato, you can't beat a tasty hot pie. Join us as we celebrate British Pie Week.

As a nation of pie lovers, we’re always ready to tuck into our favourite comfort food. Topped with potato or encased in pastry, traditional favourites such as steak & ale or chicken & leek are hard to beat. But as it’s British Pie Week, we thought we’d experiment with some new combinations. So, if you’re looking to put a twist on a traditional favourite, take a look at our suggestions: 

Spicy Beef Pie 

Add a vibrant Mexican twist to your favourite beef pie recipes with chilli. Use fresh or dried chillies and ramp up the heat as hot as you dare. Adding spices is also a great way to transform a Cottage Pie. Simply add dried garam masala and dried turmeric when browning your minced beef for an Indian twist. 

Mustardy Cheese and Onion Pie 

Veggies needn’t miss out as there are a whole host of meat-free flavour combinations to enjoy in a pie. We love adding a mustard twang to classic cheese and onion. 

Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie 

Swap your usual spuds for sweet potato mash to add a golden hue to Shepherd’s Pie. Add grated mozzarella to the topping for a cheesy finish. To make a vegetarian option, simply replace the minced meat for a combination of vegetables and lentils. 

Chicken Filo Pie 

If you’re looking for a healthier version of your favourite chicken pie, switch up the pastry with a filo pastry topping in place of shortcrust or puff pastry. The results will be lighter but just as delicious. 

Apple Pie with a Twist 

Of course, pies are just too delicious to keep only for the main course. So why not get inventive with dessert too? 

Apple pie is the most popular of all the pudding-based pies and it’s easy to add a twist to this classic favourite. Combine your apples with a salted caramel sauce before encasing in pastry for an indulgent option. Alternatively, add grated cheddar to your pastry mix for a subtle savoury hint that will counteract the sweet pie beautifully. 

If we’ve whet your appetite but you don’t have time to rustle up your own pie, you’ll find a delicious ready-made Chicken & Mushroom Pie or Steak & Kidney Pie in our in-store range. So, whether you grab one off the shelf or have a go at making your own, we hope you enjoy trying something new this British Pie Week!